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Berndt XSP Replacement NeckBerndt XSP Neck Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Eddie W. - winner of our Berndt XSP Replacement Neck Giveaway!

We met Eddie at when he visited our booth at NAMM 2015. As the owner of Area 22 Guitars a fantastic boutique guitar shop in Brevard, North Carolina, Eddie checked out our line of instruments and replacement necks and entered our contest.

We will be sending him a beautiful Rock Maple XSP Replacement Neck with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, complete with our Carbon Fibre T-Bar and Crown Top Bar Frets.

Berndt owner Sandy B. Another proud Berndt guitar owner

Sandy B. enjoying his new Honduran Mahogany D

We are pleased to have delivered a beautiful Berndt Mahogany D to the great state of Maine - where we find our Adirondak Red Spruce logs for our master grade tops, so in a way this guitar is returning home!

"For years my prized guitar was my Gibson HummingbirdTM*, a gorgeous instrument with a rich sound. When I first tried the Berndt D, it was so powerful and bright that I was blown back by it - being used to the mellower sound of the Gibson."

"With little effort, the Berndt fills the room with just the sound I'm hoping for. The red spruce top and Honduran mahogany back and sides are beautiful to behold! It practically plays itself - hammer-ons and pull-offs are effortless, the sound is clear & powerful, and the response is off the charts. Thank you for building this amazing guitar!" - Sandy B.

* Gibson Hummingbird® is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitar Corp.