Berndt XSP Technology

Setting the "T"-Bar for STABILITY, TONE, SUSTAIN and BEAUTYTM, the high performance Berndt XSP neck was born of a desire to build the best sounding, most resonant and stable instrument neck possible.  It all starts with our top-quality components:


As a leading supplier of tone wood to musical instrument makers for over 20 years, we know wood! Over that time we have curated an incredible selection of premium grade wood that has never been available to the public - until now.


Vintage bar-fretted acoustic guitars are renowned for their legendary tone. These guitars utilized bar fret wire hammered into fret slots to create "fret compression" - putting the neck under tension and adding substantial rigidity to the neck. Standard bar frets have a rectangular profile (as opposed to the modern "T" shaped fret wire with a crowned top) which made them more difficult to install and more importantly they feel significantly different.

To harness the superior tonal characteristics of bar frets, we created a proprietary Crowned Bar Fret. Our fret wire has the same look and familiar feel of a standard fret, but has a thick bar tang. All our fret work is performed by one of the world's leading experts in the installation of bar frets, ensuring a perfect installation.


To ensure absolute stability, all Berndt necks utilize a custom made carbon fibre t-bar embedded into the neck. Vintage bar fret guitars needed only a simple rectangular ebony rod to strengthen the neck - our carbon fibre t-bar adds rigidity without adding weight.

The combination of these three features creates a neck possessing "embodied strain" that is highly resonant and tonally superior to necks utilizing normal construction techniques.

Built by people who LOVE wood, tone and guitars